Friday, June 8, 2012

Postcrossing Spam?

Happy Friday, everyone!

I didn't plan to post another question, but I was puzzled by the mail that was waiting for me when I got home from work today.

I've only been doing Postcrossing for two months, and I'm hoping to hear from some of the long-term postcrossers out there about something that was sent to me.

This is part of the mail sent to me by a postcrosser from Belarus:

Postcrossing letter.

Hi, my name is Alina.  We would have to share their gifts with you, the fact that I can not buy in my country some things, so maybe you could buy me things that were drawn on the sheet.  If you agree, then I will immediately be sent to you gift from Belarus, and as soon as you make sure that he will come, you could send to me.  I already did one American, we exchanged gifts with her, she sent me a mascara from America, which I very much wanted, and I gave her a gift from Belarus.  Thanks in advance.
My address is: 

On the other side of the letter is a picture of DKNY perfume and a Louis Vuitton mirror case from Sephora.

I should mention that she did include both a card and a postcard (plus a few stickers) in the envelope:

Before I register the "postcard" I want to know if this is something I should respond to in my optional message to the sender.

Have you ever gotten anything like this through Postcrossing?

Thanks :)



  1. I've been a Postcrosser from the beginning and I've never gotten anything like this, but it doesn't surprise me. I would suggest registering the card, without comment other than a simple thank you, and then bringing the correspondence to the attention of the Postcrossing administrators,

  2. The things we learn from reading others blogs!

  3. I agree with PostMuse. Long time Postcrosser too and have never received anything like that.

  4. I once received an envelope with a postcrossing card and stuffed with "postcard games" (that's how the sender called it). There were addresses and wish lists, but not only for postcards, but also other stuff too. It looked a lot like chain letters except that you should not only send a letter or a card, but gifts. I just ignored all the "games" and simply registered the card with a simple thank you.

  5. I would just thank her for the postcard.

    I have received some postcards with messages asking for swaps, but I don't do private swaps, so say "thank you for the nice postcard" and left it at that.