Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flower Stamps (vintage?)

I ordered these lovely stamps from etsy recently and I haven't been able to bring myself to use them yet - I just love them too much!

Does that ever happen to you?  You buy stationery, stamps, etc and hold off on using them because you will be bummed when you run out?

Well, it's happening to me!  Perhaps I will start posting pictures of some of my stationery and stamps that I'm, well, hoarding.  Then you can encourage me to use them!!

~ Anne

PS: can I consider these "vintage"?  They are from 1993.  So maybe they are "old" but not yet "vintage"?  Or perhaps "vintage" but not "antique"....?


  1. They are really pretty. I wouldn't want to part with them either. haha

  2. They are pretty :)
    What we do is a lifelong hobby, sending/receiving nice mail. You wouldn't want to run out of nice stamps/stationery and what if a particular nice design is withdrawn (e.g. Diddl).....? So, hoard away :)

  3. Here's what I do so I don't feel bad when I run out of stationary: Everytime I buy a pack I set aside 1 or 2 sheets w/ envelopes right away and put them in a 'save' stationary box. I put the rest in my 'use' stationary box. So I have two boxes and I never feel bad when I 'run out' bc I've saved some extras in the other box! Papersource sells perfect boxes for this, by the way. xx

  4. Ha! I do that all the time! I recently order some unused vintage stamps from Murphy's Stamps. As soon as I got them, I had to sort out all of the ones I wanted to save. Lately, though, I've been trying to use up all of that old stationery I had been saving. And, I've even been mailing out vintage postcards that I bought on vacation when I was 15 (they weren't "vintage" when I bought them!). The way I see it, they weren't making anyone happy just sitting in that envelope all these years. Happy letter writing!

  5. Mail yourself a letter using some of your vintage finds, and postage. The save the letter for a year or two before opening it ... a little time capsule of sorts. Or mail a set to a penfriend and ask them to write a letter on it and send it back to you. Sort of like my Orphaned Postcard Project, but with stationery and postage.

    I often use the vintage postage I buy from Murph on the orphaned postcards I send out to adoptees. That way I get the postcard back with favorite, usually coordinating, postage.

  6. Awe, great tip! I didn't know you could find old stamps that you can still use as regular postage at Etsy! ;)

  7. I'm with you, I hate using up something that may be perfect for something later. You know you use up all your stationary with golf on it, then you meet someone who's really into golf, and you can't use it. Plus I'm a pack rat, and like to keep/remember things...