Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mount Gretna Post Office

Recently I went with my boyfriend to a town called Mount Gretna for dinner. It's a really nice small town about 20 minutes from where he lives.

{Every year they have an outdoor art show but the town may be best known for the Jigger Shop!  If you're ever in central PA and find yourself craving ice cream, this is the place to go!}

Right across from the pizza place where we ate was the local post office!

It's a small enough town that the building that houses the post office also houses all other municipal offices.

United States Post Office Mt Gretna 17064

I've been to Gretna plenty of times, but never noticed the post office before.  Now it's one of my favorites!

~ Anne


  1. neat post office! I've only been to mt gretna a handful of times, but I remember loving the jigger shop. haha

    1. It's awesome! I'm pretty sure they serve lunch/dinner, but I've only been there for the dessert :)