Monday, July 16, 2012

Found at Work: "Hello"

I was looking through the supply cupboard at work and happened upon these great name tags:

Looking forward to using these as mailing labels!

Have you found anything great at work to use in your mail projects? If not, where do you look?

~ Anne


  1. What wonderful luck!
    ~ Ms. Always Traveling

  2. Avery Shipping and Mailing Labels!

    Also - my mom's antique writing desk is chock full of her old (now vintage) stationary and forgotten gems she doesn't miss.

    Writing you back as we speak (at work) :)

    1. Nice! Looking forward to getting your letter :)

  3. Nice find and a great idea to use them as mailing labels! I work at a library and books that are withdrawn from the collection can be an excellent source of creative material. While a missing page or a chewed up cover don't work well for reading, they make it easier to chop up the rest of the book for making envelopes and cards.