Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Recent Projects

Since I'm not very good at posting my outgoing mail on a regular basis, I figured I would just periodically post pictures of some of my favorites.

Here are a few recent projects of mine:

I lovelovelove the marshmallow rice krispie treats that they sell at the Starbucks at work.  Each time I buy one I get it in one of these paper bags.  Now they are being reused as envelopes!  Hope my letters don't come out sticky :)
envelopes from Starbucks bags
postcard from starburst wrappers
Using one of the paint chips I got as an address label:



  1. I love the starbucks envelopes. Very cool!

  2. The Starbucks bags are awesome.

  3. Awe, they're all so cool! ;D

    And I always forget to snap my outgoing mail, too, haha.

    Yum, Rice Crispies!

  4. These are soo cool! You must be very patient to make that starbursts postcard xD

    1. Thank you! I was listening to NPR podcasts so I was in heaven haha :)

  5. So clever! I hadn't thought of using Starbucks bags as envelopes, but they are so graphically interesting...it's perfect! And a postcard from candy wrappers...great idea!

  6. Safely arrived, though I'm sure the tape-secured seams helped. :) Make more without worries!