Friday, August 10, 2012

Mail Me Some Art

I wanted to share with everyone a totally cool mail art project called mail me some art!!

I missed out on the monochromatic postcard swap, but I'm hoping to finish my kitchen postcard in time to send it out in tomorrow's mail. 

The hostess with the mostess (aka Karen) recently posted about what she calls "the method to my madness".  It's amazing how much work goes into this!

Even if you aren't going to participate, I think it's worth checking out the site just to see the awesome mail art that people are creating. 

~ Anne


  1. Wow that's crazy so many designs!! What do you exactly have to do for the swap? Looks awesome!

    Steph :)

    1. You just send her your submissions plus a label with your name on it so she can mail something back to you. There is a better explanation found in the FAQ:

  2. Fabulous blog, so much creative inspiration