Monday, September 17, 2012

Mail Musings

Yesterday one of my expired Postcrossing postcards finally reached its destination (Russia), 134 days later! It makes me wonder how long it used to take for letters to go halfway around the world, before the days of jet airplanes and computer scanners and all of those great things. People talk about 'snail mail' like it's soooo slow, but it's all a matter of perspective, don't you think? 

I like that snail mail helps me slow life down in a world of instant everything. (Hungry? Instant dinner! Bored? Instant entertainment!) I like the convenience of technology as much as the next person (I'm writing this on my iPad after all) but it feels like we've lost sight of just how fortunate to have all of these things people used to work so hard for and wait patiently for. Even our snail mail :)

Hopefully this doesn't sound too preachy! Just my random thoughts on a Monday morning.

Have a great week!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Giveaway Winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered my 5k giveaway

The winner is Aniko!

Since this giveaway was so popular I may have to do another one soon. I still have two sets of mini washi tapes left... :-)


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Eye Candy {Anthro}

So, as many of you may already know, I love Anthropologie.  A few paper creations caught my eye while I was browsing their website recently...

Rotary phone:

Sewing machine:

And, perhaps my favorite, typewriter:

If I had $1,000,000...

~ Anne