Friday, May 25, 2012

Postcrossing Stats

Happy Friday, everyone!

After pondering the high number of postcards I've sent and received from the Netherlands, I decided to look up some stats on postcrossers from around the world.  Turns out it's not a fluke.  There are lots of postcrossers in the Netherlands (especially when considering the size of the country).  Of course it didn't surprise me that populous countries like Russia and China would have a high number of users.

Postcrossing Users Geographical Distribution

What impressed me more though was the number of postcards sent by members from different countries.  Over a million sent by postcrossers in four countries:

United States              1,496,169
Finland                       1,333,770
Germany                    1,265,100
Netherlands                1,129,798

I won't bore you with any more numbers.  (Can you tell I'm a math person?)  In other news, I got my first postcard from Asia (Malaysia) this week!



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