Monday, May 28, 2012

New Stationery

I recently discovered some of the great stationery (new and vintage) for sale on Etsy and may have gone overboard.  

First up is Paper Ink Press, which is currently having a great sale.  I ordered one of the letterpress grab bags and this is what I got:
grab bag cards
great colors! 

Needless to say, I just went back to order two more!

Also from that shop was these cute cards with foxes on them: 

Next is some lovely vintage stationery from Pratt and Austin, purchased from The Barn Owl's Collectibles.  

Looking through my closet a few months ago I found some great Pratt and Austin stationery that was given to me when I was younger.  I searched online but can't find any new stuff (hence ordering the vintage set I found on Etsy).  Did they go out of business??

And last but not least, a few goodies from Creative Moxie Studio.  Fun and reasonably priced!

This reminds me that I don't actually know the birthdays of many of my pen pals.  If you're reading this, let me know in your next letter!!

I hope you're as excited to receive these beauties as I am to send them!



  1. oh wow! You found some great stuff. I'm going to have to check out those links. :)

  2. Great stationary! I haven't tried Etsy, but I think I should now! :)

  3. I only recently discovered how much I love letterpress. It's such a special touch, isn't it?

  4. Hi Anne! Thanks for stopping by Piccadilly Post. I enjoyed perusing your blog. I bet we enjoy the same public radio station--I live in Lancaster! I've always loved mail, but Good Mail Day made me realize I wasn't alone. I'll be sure to post some Real Mail to you this week. Cheers!