Monday, October 29, 2012


Hurricane Sandy is here, and should be around for another day or more. For now I have power, although 100,000 people around the state don't already. Even if we lose power at least our home is safe.  My plan? Catch up on my letter pile!! Hopefully some of you will get letters from me as a result of this storm.

To everyone on the east coast in the US: stay safe and dry!

~ Anne


  1. Anne I am thinking of you at this time. be safe. it is so sad to read all about those that are being affected by it at this time.

  2. It's a big news here in Japan, too. I hope no serious damage will be caused!!

  3. Oh, Anne, keep yourself safe and stock yourself with food and candles in case there's a blackout! Tight hugs!

  4. I so envy your ability to write in a hurricane. I could not do it, waaaaay too nervous. I got some writing done today after the worry was over, though. :-D